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Alan Ryan

Place in the Family
Alan has one sister named Sophie who is 9 years old.
Singing, Dancing, Ed Sheeran, TV, IPad, Eating out, his baby cousin Danielle
Alan doesn’t like getting help with anything he feels he can do himself!
Soccer, Reading, Cycling, Playing Frisbee and he has recently started Swimming.

Testimonial by Mum, Jackie Ryan

Alan started junior infants in “big school” this year and he has taken to it like a fish to water. He settled in immediately and is now somewhat of a “celeb” in the school. He is very popular with his class but also with the bigger boys and girls in the school who love to spend time with Alan. He goes to school every day with a big smiley face and he comes out the exact same way. People often ask me if he is ever in bad form – the truth is, he isn’t. He is the most pleasant, happy and fun loving little man you could ever hope to meet and he has an amazing sense of humour.

Alan loves going for ‘coffee’, especially to Starbucks. Of course the coffee is just for mum and dad but he knows a trip out for coffee will most likely lead to a treat and a juice especially after school on a Friday.

Alan goes to The Down Syndrome Centre every second week for Occupational Therapy with Ellie. He also attended Speech Therapy with Claire for a time. He goes to both Easter and Summer camps there every year and to say that he loves the centre is an understatement. He is so happy at the centre, he runs in and he doesn’t even realise that he is doing therapy when he is there. He loves his sessions with Ellie and his favourite part is spending some time in the sensory room afterwards. The centre is like a home from home for our entire family. Sophie loves the centre just as much. She participates in his OT sessions and she is always made to feel so welcome. I have been to many talks there myself, coffee mornings, Christmas parties etc. and I can honestly say that our family would be lost without this special place.


Testimonial by Ellie Reilly, Occupational Therapist

Unsurprisingly, Alan has had the most amazing year. He has embraced junior infants to the fullest, and is keeping up with all his peers. He continues to be a sporting legend, taking up football this year. Seriously, this kid’s talents knows no bounds. Anything he puts his hand to, he does it flawlessly, with complete determination and in total style. He continues to exude the utmost of coolness, and keeps up with the latest trends. Let’s just say a recent OT session included a fidget spinner!


Alan Ryan

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Alan Ryan

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Alan Ryan

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