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Alan Ryan

Place in the Family
Alan has one sister named Sophie who is 8 years old.
Food, Playgrounds, TV, Adele, Babies, His cousins and friends
Having his hair washed
Football, Riding his bike, Reading books and Singing

Testimonial by Mum, Jackie Ryan

Alan is a fun loving bundle of giggles. He has a wicked sense of humour and loves to entertain. Without trying, Alan captures people’s hearts wherever he goes. He will start “big school” in September where his older sister Sophie is in 2nd class. He is already the talk of the school and the ‘big kids’ love him…he’s still famous from his stint on the late-late toy show the Christmas before last. His favourite morning activity is the ‘high five’ for the lollipop lady at his sister’s school. His favourite song is ‘hello’ by Adele and doesn’t hold back when belting out the chorus!

Alan loves his food. But more than that, Alan especially loves eating his daddy’s food, because that’s way more fun (his daddy does not quite agree!). He’s really competitive and loves doing races in school. He races his sister upstairs every night (his win ratio is pretty good!). There is definitely a bit of a daredevil in Alan, no slide is too big, no climbing frame tall enough and that zip-line thing is a piece of cake!

If you were to sum up Alan in just one word….Joy!

Testimonial by Ellie Reilly, Occupational Therapist

Alan AKA ‘The Dude’ has made outstanding progress over the past few months. When we started a cycle club in the centre his mum was a bit apprehensive in signing him up, little did we know by the end of 6 weeks Alan was almost set for Tour de France. Alan is off to Big School this September and I have no doubt he will continue to have great success; how could he not with the support from his AMAZING big sister Sophie, who is great help to me during our OT sessions.


Alan Ryan

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Alan Ryan

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Alan Ryan

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