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April Coveney

Place in the Family
Youngest. April has two older brothers, Ollie 8 and Thomas 6
Books, particularly Charlie and Lola Going out to the park/ beach on her scooter TV, particularly Curious George Doing her Monties work and her SKIP class Everyone being happy
Going to bed on her own (so she never does) The word “no” Anyone being cross

Testimonial by Mum, Therese Coveney

April is a fun loving, earnest, kind little girl who is always full of surprises. She keeps everyone on their toes and she has boundless energy.

She had a difficult start to her busy life. April spent 10 weeks in hospital following surgery on her tummy and she had heart surgery at one year. She was quite frail and weak and we wondered what the future held. Year on year though April has become stronger and grown into a curious, joyful little girl. She is brave and fearless and she heading off to school in September – something we are much more nervous about than April. She is adored (most of the time!) by her two brothers and she has added to our home and our lives in incredible ways which we could never have imagined.

She is ready now for the ’next step”. This is hugely due to the Speech Therapy, Occupational therapy and SKIP classes April has been attending at The Down Syndrome Centre for the past two years. We are so lucky to live near it and it has provided immeasurable support to April and to us. We hope our journey with April will continue to be nurtured by the centre as she grows.


Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

I have had the pleasure of watching April’s fun personality emerge. She was shy in many sessions but over time has grown in confidence and so has her speech. April’s speech has improved so much in recent months. She is telling stories about all the fun activities she gets up to with her family. April’s social skills are fantastic. She has the greatest smiles and engages with everyone she meets.



April Coveney

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April Coveney

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April Coveney

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