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April Coveney

Place in the Family
Youngest. April has two older brothers, Ollie (10) and Thomas (9)
School, Weekends and Holidays, Everyone being together, TV, TV, TV
Brushing her hair, TV being turned off, Sitting in the backseat of the car
New Favourite – Gymnastics, Also Swimming, Dancing, Football

Testimonial by Mum Therese Coveney

April is seven now and just finishing senior infants. She has had a tremendous year. She has grown up a lot and continues to be extremely happy at school where she is surrounded by children and adults who love her. This year has not been without its challenges. As she is developing and becoming more assertive the challenges have changed. We have learned that her self-esteem is more fragile than we had understood when she was younger. There has been a lot of learning for us this past year as our beautiful little girl is beginning to grow up. She is a lot more robust and her health in the past year has been fantastic. She has not missed day of school.

April has always struggled with her speech and I think she has a growing awareness of this. The past year has seen an increase in “self talk” which can be completely incoherent and which we were very troubled about for a while. We researched it and have now learnt it is a very normal part of how some young people with Down syndrome process their day. Encouraging April to do her self talk at appropriate times and at home is working. We have found that the self talk increases when she is under pressure or feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Her love of music and dance and all things sporty has increased and she has recently started participating in Special Olympics sports clubs. She now does swimming, football and her favourite, gymnastics with Tivoli Tigers. Her reading and writing is progressing. Her friendships in school and with her friends who have Down syndrome are deepening. The next challenge is to get her cycling without stabilisers. This is a job her brothers have taken to with great gusto.

Our pride in April and all that she is achieving grows daily. She can be a complete scamp but she is our scamp and she is fabulous.

April has been with Ellie for Occupational Therapy and Maeve for Physiotherapy this year at The Down Syndrome Centre. They know her well now and it is great to be able to run any concerns by them and to get solid advice, programme therapeutic work and practical tips on how to ensure April is progressing well in her own time. It is very comforting to get their advice and support and to know they are there to link in with whenever we need help.

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

April has had another amazing year in school and she has progressed so well in all areas. April loves chatting about her favourite things to see and do. She has made tremendous progress in Speech therapy and enjoys playing games with me. I am honoured to have seen April blossom over the last year and I know she will continue to thrive.

April Coveney

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April Coveney

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April Coveney

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