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April Coveney

Place in the Family
Youngest. April has two older brothers, Ollie (9) and Thomas (8)
School, Books, Swimming lessons, Playing with her friends, Holidays, Charlie and Lola, Punky cartoon, Chocolate rice cakes, Nutella on toast, Anything with pasta, Getting into her mum and daddy’s bed
Going to bed, When the iPad is taken away from her, Anyone being cross
Swimming, Music Class, Pretending to be a Nurse

Testimonial by Mum Therese Coveney

What a year our April has had. She started primary school. We had been so anxious in advance and it has turned out better than we ever imagined. April had completed two years of SKIP (Special Kids Intervention Programme) at the Down Syndrome Centre and it helped really prepare her for mainstream school. She walks to school with her two older brothers every morning accompanied by her big dog Harris. Her school has nurtured her natural talents and put huge time and effort into helping her achieve her goals in the areas she needs additional help. We really cannot believe how much April has progressed in these past few months. Her speech is improving, her confidence growing and more importantly she is really just very happy. The past year has been a complete joy with April. We are immensely proud of how our little girl is growing into a big girl!


Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

What an amazing year this girl has had!!! April started big school in September and is thriving. On a recent meeting with her resource teacher, there was nothing but positive statements about her speech, manners, social skills and her language skills. She is a huge fan of the centre and enjoys attending sessions with OT and SLT. April is communicating in sentences and will hold conversations about her favourite characters; Charlie and Lola. I thoroughly enjoy watching April learn and grow.


April Coveney

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April Coveney

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April Coveney

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