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Archie Stanley

Place in the Family
Youngest of 3 children, 2 older sisters, Holly (11) and Daisy (8)
Mr Tumble, Watching Soccer, Elmo. Food and more food. Playing with his sisters and his friends in SKIP and Team 21 Tots. Music.
Waiting! When he's not allowed any more biscuits. Sand.
He loves swimming and goes every week with his sisters

Testimonial by Mum, Nicola Smith

Archie! I’ve been writing and rewriting this and trying to tell you how strong Archie is and all he has overcome medically. However I keep coming back to what’s important and what I want to share with everyone. Now, now is what I want to tell everyone about. This unbelievably amazing moment we live in now, that is our everyday life. Our everyday ordinary life made extraordinary by one amazing little boy. This is the place we never thought we would be happy!
Archie wakes up every morning shouting mammy, dada sometimes before the sun rises and greets you with his big beautiful cheeky smile. Those days I worried I’d never hear him call for me have become a distant memory.

When he walks into a room full of strangers and I watch him say hello or give someone a high five or again that cheeky smile. I watch the strangers faces, how they’re smiling from their hearts and their days have just been made better from a chance meeting with Archie.

I love the beautiful people he has made his sisters become. He has thought them patience and empathy and what it is to be yourself, to be unique. He has thought them to understand life and to just enjoy every moment.

You see that’s Archie. He has a way of making you feel happy. Blissfully happy. He makes life make sense. He does it all by being himself. Even his unbelievable infuriating stubbornness gives me a giggle because I know it’s a personality trait he has inherited from me. His positive attitude to any obstacles he faces, he gets that from his dad. His craziness that reminds me of his sister when she was his age and his laid back attitude to life is exactly the same as his other sister. You see that’s what makes me happy, an everyday reminder that before any diagnosis that Archie is a person first. He is Archie and we adore every piece of him.

Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots Coordinator

Archie holds a piece of my heart. He has been coming to Team 21 Tots since he was very small. I have been extremely privileged to witness his first steps. I’m enjoying watching him standing up from sitting at the moment and I just know he will be running around in no time. Archie loves socialising so it’s not surprising one of his first signs was “friends”. He is always one of the first to clap when I’ve finished a song and he loves participating in the class. His speech is coming along great as well. I know once he’s talking fluently he will be such a character.


Archie Stanley

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Archie Stanley

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Archie Stanley

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