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Archie Stanley

Place in the Family
Youngest of 3 children, 2 older sisters, Holly (13) and Daisy (10) and is expecting a new brother or sister in November
School and still loves his food as much as ever, chocolate cake is his favourite. Going to the cinema and helping mammy with the food shopping. Loves making pancakes at the weekend and knows all the ingredients himself now. Still has an ever growing love of spiders.
When it's time for bed and playtime is over. Still not a fan waiting!
Loves playing with his dog poppy and with his sisters Holly and Daisy. His favourite game to play is hide and seek. He loves going to the playground and reading.

Testimonial by Mum, Nicola Smith

Archie has had such a big year this year.

He started Montessori in September, something I was very nervous about as he didn’t cope too well with separation. However, in true Archie style he took it his stride and from day one he ran in the door and didn’t look back. He absolutely loves his teachers who are so fantastic with him and did such a wonderful job at making this big step much easier for him. He has made lots of new friends who he talks about at home all the time. Since starting in Montessori I’ve seen my little boy become so much more confident in his abilities and much more independent.

One of Archie’s biggest milestones he has reached since last year is probably that at 3 and 6 months he was toilet trained. We had been introducing him to the concept for a while and just decided to go for it last summer. Within 2 weeks he was trained. I was quite shocked and I shouldn’t really be but sometimes I think I underestimate him…and every time he proves me wrong. Yes he has a lot he needs to work on, like sitting down for more than 10 minutes and learning to be more patient with himself and the things he can’t do, but like everything else he couldn’t once do, those things will come.

Archie has a certain charm about him that only people that have met him will know exactly what I mean. He never ever stops talking, ever, even though he needs to work on his clarity that won’t stop him, he’ll chat away to anyone he meets. He is impatient, stubborn, mischievous and tests my patience at the best of times but he has the most charming smile and infectious laugh and the kindest heart.

I’m so proud of the wonderful little boy he’s growing up to be and I know whatever challenges he might face in life that he’ll be just fine. He has an army of supporters and people who love him around him and he has me his biggest critic, his toughest teacher, the person he loves to surprise and the person who sees his struggles and knows how hard he works and is bursting with pride and who loves him more than words can ever say…. His mammy xxx

The Down Syndrome Centre

Archie will graduate this year from SKIP where he was so lucky to have 2 wonderful teachers like Dani and Ed for the past 3 years. They have helped him achieve so much over those 3 years and given me the tools to help him do so.

I always say that we would be lost without The Down Syndrome Centre but I truly mean it. I don’t think Archie would be the person he is today if we didn’t have such a wonderful support network around us. It’s so fantastic to know there are people who know our family and who know Archie and who want the best for him that are always there when we need them the most and we will be forever grateful for that.

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

I had the privilege to have Archie in my class for 3 years!! He’s a very sunny little boy, full of smiles and chat!!! He loved to comment on everything that was going on in class and always had something interesting to tell me about his life!!!! It was great to watch him grow and develop into a great little man!!
This was a very emotional year for me as Archie graduated from SKIP in June, I’ll miss my Friday chats!! I wish Archie all the good things life can bring I’m sure this will be a great year for him!!

Archie Stanley

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Archie Stanley

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Archie Stanley

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