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Archie Stanley

Place in the Family
Youngest of 3 children, 2 older sisters, Holly (12) and Daisy (9)
Still loves Mr Tumble and Elmo! Chocolate, Football & Food!
Waiting, Dirty hands!
Making Pancakes, Playing with his new puppy, Poppy, Swimming, Playing with his sisters and friends in SKIP & Going to the Cinema

Testimonial by Dad, Paul Stanley

It’s been a big year for Archie. A lot has happened since we did our last piece for 21 Faces. It’s been an amazing year but a year that Archie had to face many difficult changes.

A week before the campaign was launched last year Archie started walking and we can’t keep up with him ever since! He had a trip to Orlando and got to meet his idol, Elmo! He started in preschool but unfortunately he just couldn’t settle so we decided to hold him off for another year. He is starting Montessori this September and we have been working closely with his teachers to make the transition a bit easier for him. He is so much more relaxed and independent and is more than ready. Archie also had to deal with the difficult task of saying goodbye to me as I had to go away for work. Archie and I have a great bond and found this process extremely difficult. He wasn’t like the same Archie. A normally happy confident independent little boy, he became very quiet and insecure. As time went on with lots of love and reassurance and having a great support network around us with family and The Down Syndrome Centre he slowly started to get back to himself.

I can’t thank The Down Syndrome Centre enough for being there for him and helping him when he needed it most. Going through such a difficult time I can’t begin to imagine how he would be now if we didn’t have such a wonderful support network in the centre.

It’s been a year of highs and lows for Archie and probably one which he faced the most struggles. However it just highlighted for me just how amazing he really is and the wonderful little human being he is growing up to be. His determination to achieve his goals, his heart, and how he loves without condition and has so much love for everyone around him. His love for life is contagious, his cheeky, mischievous little laugh and his wonderful charm. He’s an amazing little boy and I’m very lucky and very proud to be his dad.

Archie thank you for being you.




His name is Archie, and he’s our brother.
We have lots of fun with each other.
He’s a little messer with a cheeky smile,
He wrecks our heads a little, but only once in a while.
His favourite game is hide and seek and he goes to SKIP once a week.
We were so proud when he learned to walk,
It took him a long time, but he loves to talk.
Chocolate is his favourite word and his favourite food
If we don’t give him some he gets in a mood.
He makes us laugh and he’s very clever,
He’s our brother we’ll love him forever.

By Sisters, Holly (12) and Daisy (9)


Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

What can I say about this little dude!! He is an absolute joy to have around the centre. He has grown up so much in the last year and his speech skills have improved immensely. Archie loves chatting to everyone in the centre and will interact with all who meet him. He continues to amaze me in his sessions and always has a smile. I continue to have the privilege to share Archie’s journey in The Down Syndrome Centre.


Archie Stanley

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Archie Stanley

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Archie Stanley

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