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Ava Leahy

Place in the Family
Ava is the eldest of two, she has a brother Dylan (8)
Music! (Quite an eclectic taste – from Abba to Kanye West), Movies, especially big musicals like Annie, Sing & Trolls. Peppa Pig is still a big favourite. Loves Dancing and Ice Cream!
Loud noises and hates to see anyone upset
Dancing Class with Stagedoor Ireland which culminates in a show in the Mermaid Theatre in Bray every year. Tivoli Tigers Gymnastics (a Special Olympics Club). Friendship Club with Carmona. Swimming – Newpark Sports Centre. Saturday Club with Bray Lakers

Testimonial by Mum, Ciara Leahy

Ava turned 10 in April and it was a huge milestone for her but especially for her Dad and I. We couldn’t believe a decade had gone by. She has turned out to be the most wonderful child. She is happy and very funny. We are lucky that her speech is so good, she loves to imitate people is very social, enjoying having fun with her friends and family.

She attends the same mainstream school (The Harold School) as her brother and is going to be going into 4th class this September. Her school are wonderfully supportive and are always looking for ways to improve her learning experience and ensure she feels secure as well as encouraging her independence.

Her Dad and I can really see her maturing. She is becoming increasingly independent at home which is a joy to see. She insists on getting herself ready for school every morning and indeed getting ready for bed every night, even if she argues sometimes that ‘it’s not bedtime yet’. 

This year she played a supporting role to her brother at his Communion and we had a fabulous day. They are very close and it is lovely to see how protective they are towards each other.
Her handwriting in particular has really blossomed over the last year. She was not writing independently this time last year and yet now she is constantly writing words at home and her spelling is improving all the time.

Ellie, her OT in the Down Syndrome Centre, really helped her come along in the area of fine motor skills which needed a lot of work. It is amazing to see the progress she has made in this area in the last year alone. We are very lucky to have the Down Syndrome Centre close by: they have been a tremendous support and resource to us over the years.

Testimonial by Ellie Forsyth, Occupational Therapist

Ava has had a fantastic year. She has moved house and is doing great in school. Ava is committed to learning new skills. She was introduced to assistive technology this year, and has embraced the challenge of learning to type and use computers. I look forward to working with her over the Summer, and catching up on her fabulous dance moves!

Ava Leahy

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Ava Leahy

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Ava Leahy

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