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Ava Leahy

Place in the Family
Ava is the eldest of two, she has a brother Dylan who is 6 years of age.
Music! (Taylor Swift, Macklemore, Katy Perry - lots of music!) Sesame Street, Peppa Pig, Swimming, Basketball and Dancing.
Loud noises (sometimes)!
Colouring, Writing, Basketball, Dancing Class, Music.

Testimonial by Mum, Ciara Leahy

Ava is a happy, fun loving child although like all children she has her moments! Ava and her brother Dylan like to play together and definitely miss each other when one is not around. They get on great although like all siblings not always! Ava is extremely sociable. She never forgets anyone’s name when she meets them and enjoys meeting new people. She goes to mainstream school and has a full time SNA. She loves school and is getting on well. She is also a member of Laker’s, does dancing class and swimming lessons. She goes to Friendship Club as part of Carmona Services and has really enjoyed her time at camps in The Down Syndrome Centre as well as attending Occupational Therapy there. She is a busy girl! She has great speech and can mimic most people very well 🙂

Myself and her Dad were initially worried when she was born as we did not know what to expect. I wish we could have seen into the future right now and we would not have worried at all. We love her to bits and are delighted with her and the person she is becoming.

Testimonial by Ellie Reilly, Occupational Therapist

Ava’s OT sessions are always filled with fun and laughter. She is such a funny kid and always up for the craic! She loves a challenge and has worked so hard on improving her handwriting. Ava is also the politest child I know, she never forgets to say please and thank you. Ava is such a character and a joy to have in the centre.


Ava Leahy

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Ava Leahy

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Ava Leahy

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