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Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

Place in the Family
Caoimhe is the youngest of 3, she has an older brother Daniel (7) and an older sister Aisling (5)
Ice Cream, Swings and Slides, Spongebob Squarepants, Playing Barbies
Getting her hair done! Wearing shoes and socks!
Caoimhe loves getting to the playground and would spend all day on the swings if she could! She loves seeing her pals in Team 21 Tots and SKIP.

Testimonial by Dad, Brendan McNally

Caoimhe will be 3 this December and as with all kids she leads a very busy life.

She attends Team 21 Tots every Monday and SKIP every Thursday in the Down Syndrome Centre. She took part in the 21 Faces in 2016 and we were delighted to show her off to all our family and friends. We took great pride heading into Dublin city to find her big poster on the billboards.

The classes are fantastic each week learning new signs in Lamh and learning songs. These wonderful classes -Team 21 Tots and SKIP and the work of my wonderful wife Carina, has Caoimhe where she is today.

The past year has been a good one health wise for Caoimhe apart from the usual check-ups. She has started to climb the stairs and has some words. Her big brother Daniel and sister Aisling are busy teaching her words on a daily basis and we all get a huge sense of pride when she says one of the words, she has an amazing laugh some might say a dirty laugh and can be heard all over the house laughing and playing with Daniel and Aisling who are both fantastic to her.


Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Caoimhe started SKIP last September and it’s been a delight to have her in the class. She’s a very bright and determined little girl that knows how to express her likes and dislikes quite clearly. It’s great to see how quickly she learns new concepts and then how well she applies them. Her speech is great and is getting clearer week by week. I’m very excited about watching her blossom over the next few years.


Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

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Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

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Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

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