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Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

Place in the Family
Caoimhe is the youngest of 3, she has an older brother Daniel (6) and an older sister Aisling (4)
Hugs and kisses, Bath Time, the Swings in the Playground, My Little Pony
Getting her Face Washed, Porridge

Testimonial by Mum, Carina McNally

Caoimhe is an amazing, funny, determined, loveable little girl who is adored by her family and friends. She had a lot to overcome in her first few months, constant hospital admissions and eventually heart surgery at 5 months old, but she took it all in her stride. Since the surgery she has come on in bounds, and now at 18 months, she has a mischievous little personality and loves to be in the thick of things at home, and is never happier than when she’s dishing out hugs and kisses to anyone who happens to be around. She loves bath time with Aisling, story time with Daniel, play time with her cousins and cuddle time with mammy and daddy and of course Team 21 Tots in The Down Syndrome Centre.

13 weeks into the pregnancy when we were told that Caoimhe had Down syndrome, we were terrified, it wasn’t in the plan, we didn’t know what the future held for her or for us and her brother and sister, but she has brought our whole family on this amazing journey, and words really express the love that we feel for her, she truly is an inspiring little woman who has brought so much to our family, and has given us a strength that we didn’t know we had. She makes us smile every day and we’re so thankful that we were chosen to be her mammy and daddy.

Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots Coordinator

I have seen such a huge change in Caoimhe in the last few months. She loves all the songs and music. Every time I make eye contact with her she is beaming! She loves a camera and is a professional at posing and getting the cutest pictures. She loves interacting with her friends. Caoimhe has been such a wonderful addition to our class.


Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

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Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

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Caoimhe Lily Aisling McNally

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