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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

Place in the Family
The baby! Dáire has two older sisters and one older brother. Nía is 12, Cillian is 8, Clíona is 6 and Dáire is 4!
Singing, Dancing, Listening to his uncle Gavin James, Mr Tumble, Balamory, Football.
Doing his speech and language homework

Testimonial by Mum, Nadine Campion

Dáire is the youngest in our family and as much as we want to treat him like our baby there
is no way he would ever let us treat him like a baby! He is an independent, energetic, funny, happy little boy who loves being around people. He is full of confidence and loves a challenge which is good as everything he has needed to learn – for example, walking has been a challenge but one which he had no problem rising to the challenge and had been furniture walking since 18 months old and fully independent walking since 2 years old.

Every week Dáire is put through his paces by Dani in his SKIP class from walking on a balance beam to answering her questions and Dáire will always be first to volunteer to answer or try something new!!!

He would run away sometimes from Claire to try get out of doing his Speech and Language but once he settled he again would rise to her challenges!

Dáire is the light of our family’s life and I am so happy to see his progress being made through his participation in The Down Syndrome Centre and seeing him run in to the centre and having a place that I can meet other parents I count myself and Dáire very lucky indeed!

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Dáire fills my heart with joy!! It’s been amazing to watch Dáire’s transformation over the past 2 years, from an easily distracted, hard to keep on a chair little wobbler to a very attentive, interested, participative and confident little boy! His progress in SKIP is so inspiring!! He’s a sunny child, full of potential and I have no doubts he’ll have a wonderful path ahead of him.



Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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