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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

Place in the Family
The baby of our family. Two older sisters Nia (14) and Clíona (8) and big brother Cillian (10). Soon to be a big brother himself in September
To colour and draw pictures. Loves pretending he is a restaurant waiter and taking everyone’s order (including times when we are in actual restaurants!)
Homework – he tends to say ‘find shed’ almost as soon as he sees the homework folders appearing from the school bag!
Cross Fit Classes, Multi Sports, Yoga, GAA

Testimonial by Mum, Nadine Campion

Dáire is a very outgoing, friendly wee boy. He enjoys many activities which he takes part in every week including attending Cross Fit classes every Monday, Multi Sports in the National Sports Campus every Tuesday, Yoga with Ms. Caroline every Thursday, GAA Nursery every Saturday with St Oliver Plunketts Eoghan Ruadh with his coach Mark Cooper.

Apart from his sports Dáire would happily sing, dance and play his guitar to any audience he can entertain including taking over the stage last Christmas when his uncle Gavin James was performing in aid of the Down Syndrome Centre!

Last September Dáire began Junior Infants in St John Bosco’s on the Navan Road and has really enjoyed his first year of National school winning over everyone’s affection at the same time with everyone in the school knowing who he is!

Dáire has come on immensely this year especially with his fine motor skills as he has been attending the Down Syndrome Centre with the occupational therapy Ellie who has done brilliant work with Dáire especially with his hand writing where there has been a huge improvement.

Testimonial by Ellie Forsyth, Occupational Therapist

Dáire has had the most superb year. He has just finished junior infants and embraced every challenge with hard work and determination. His infectious smile and cheeky character brightens up every room he walks into. Dáire’s independence and maturity has really excelled this year, along with his ability to engage in functional tasks such as dressing and care of his belongings. Dáire is continuing to work hard on the development of his fine motor skills and handwriting. Dáire has an exciting year ahead as he starts senior infants, and he becomes a big brother. I have no doubt he will continue to face new challenges head on and continue to bring pride and joy to everyone who has the privilege to know him.

Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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