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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

Place in the Family
Youngest of four children. Two older sisters Nia (13) and Clíona (7) and older brother Cillian (9), who he adores
Socialising, Jumping on the Trampoline, Music, Playing with his brother and sisters on their trampoline, Strumming his guitar to his favourite music on YouTube!
He does get fed up with a lot of his medical appointments he has to attend!
Playball, Swimming Lessons, Gaelic Football, Hurling & Soccer

Testimonial by Mum, Nadine Campion

Dáire is in his second and final year of Montessori and is preparing for Junior Infants to start in September coming. Dáire loves going to preschool every day he is very popular with all of the boys and girls in his class!

Dáire has come on so much this year. He is speaking so much clearer and in short sentences as compared to single words this time last year.

He is working hard on his fine motor skills making a big effort on his handwriting.
Dáire is involved in lots of groups this year making lots of new friends.

Dáire was asked to take part in a music video “Moments” by Australian band Bliss n Eso featuring Irish artist Gavin James (Dáire’s uncle). It was so exciting taking part and the response to the video has been overwhelming.

How proud I am of Dáire is probably an understatement of how I feel about his achievements over this year. From taking part in so many sporting activities, being involved in a music video with international music stars, to the very important task of learning to write the letters of the alphabet! He always takes these challenges in his stride and does them to the best of his ability each time!

He could easily be understandably annoyed by the amount of appointments we have to keep but Dáire will politely do everything he is asked to do and leave a smile on everyone’s face he meets along the way.


Testimonial by Ellie Reilly, Occupational Therapist

Dáire began Occupational Therapy this year with goals to prepare him for big school. Dáire is an energetic and charismatic young boy. His gross motor skills are second to none. Dáire wasn’t the keenest on sedentary tasks, however, he has flourished over the past few months. He has taken pride in all he has learned and now is a bit of a show off when it comes to handwriting. It’s wonderful to watch his confidence thrive. I have very high expectations for this boy!

Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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Dáire Campion Wigglesworth

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