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Donnchadh Gibson

Place in the Family
Youngest, older brother Danann (6)
Hugs & kisses, Climbing, Hoovering, Trying to escape through anything closed!
Underground Car Parks, Doctors (especially ear ones!), Nail Cutting, When his food is all gone
Wrestling, Belly-flopping on the bed, Dancing, Listening to Jolly phonics (over and over and over!)

Testimonial by Mom, Dee Gibson

What a year for Donnchadh! Where to start to explain how much this little guy has battled daily to achieve so much and how completely proud of him we are. There are too many moments to pick from but for me, two stand out. First, his hard work to progress from crawling to standing unaided and taking his first 4-5 steps. Second, watching him politely (and without prompting) sign “Thank you” when someone does something for him. That’s my boy!

Donnchadh has become more of a bombshell in every sense of the word. He sets his mind on something and pushes till he gets it. He loves nothing more than rearranging every press in the house and finds it hilarious to throw his toys through any open window when we’re not looking. If something goes missing, we know to check the oven in Donnchadh’s toy kitchen! His laughter is tonic for us. He loves tormenting his older brother Danann, whom he idolises in equal measure. I love watching them do normal brotherly stuff like fighting for a particular position on the couch. Just normal family life.

With a lot of hard work from everyone in Donnchadh’s life, he is now signing confidently and working well on building his spoken language, despite having fluctuating hearing loss. Sometimes he is bursting to talk and gets frustrated but this just pushes him to try even more. I’ll never tire of hearing him say ‘ome’ for ‘home’ when we turn into our estate or shout ‘Papa’ when he realises he’s getting near his grandparent’s houses.

Donnchadh has continued to develop his fantastic unique personality and has started to form friendships within the Down Syndrome Centre and his crèche in Naas. He began SKIP classes last September with Dani and Ed which has helped him on so many levels; confidence, independence, and attentiveness. We are indebted, like many parents, to the talented and dedicated staff at the Centre for their support and enthusiasm every time we walk through the doors.


Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Donnchadh started SKIP last September and I love having him in the class. He keeps me on my toes as he’s quick as a flash when it comes to fun and mischief!! It’s been great to watch him learn how to sit and wait for his turn in circle time, share toys with his friends and participate in all activities we have in class! I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun together over the next few years!


Donnchadh Gibson

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Donnchadh Gibson

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Donnchadh Gibson

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