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Donnchadh Gibson

Place in the Family
Youngest, older brother Danann (7 1/2)
Swings, Hoovering, Cleaning, Hairdryers, Gavin James
Barbers, Doctors, Fruit, Underground Car Parks, Being told 'No'
Wrestling, Going out on his Trike, Anything involving Climbing, 'Work' (puzzles, threading, sound cards etc.)

Testimonial by Dad, Aidan Gibson

We often have to tell ourselves to pause and reflect on how far Donnchadh has come in a year as we tend to get swept along with day to day life, not really seeing the gradual subtle changes in him, focusing more in the bigger milestones. Health wise, Donnchadh has had the best year to date. Physically, he is now confidently walking and running (away!) at great speed. Although he still falls regularly, he is usually straight back up on his feet and off again, like most areas of his life. He loves nothing more than flinging himself around obstacle courses that himself and Danann have made from furniture. It’s hard to imagine the tiny, low muscle toned little lad we brought home from hospital on oxygen.

Donnchadh’s personality continues to emerge. He is a determined, loving, stubborn, hyperactive little man. He is a creative little trickster who can manipulate a situation to his benefit, whether it’s arranging furniture to get something out of reach or asking for help so you get up from his favourite spot on the couch so he can regain his perch. He is a conundrum at times; he detests getting his hair cut yet loves the hairdryer pointed at him full blast.

The biggest change with Donnchadh this year is his speech. His vocabulary is thriving and clarity improving with repetition, Major celebrations in our house with every new word! He continues to work hard on putting single words together to form short sentences, this will be an area to focus on in the coming year. As always, hearing loss due to fluid fluctuations in the ear is an issue. We have been trialling a hearing aid headband since January and the difference in him when it is on is phenomenal. Now if we could just get him to keep it on longer.

Donnchadh is finishing his 1st year of ECCE in crèche and graduates from his SKIP group in the Down Syndrome Centre in June. Both of these along with OT sessions with Ellie in the centre are really helping to prepare him for school in Sept 2019.

Donnchadh continues to surprise, amaze, annoy, love, cuddle, hug, kiss, shout, laugh, cry, speak, walk, run, jump and fill our hearts with joy.

We often say, if only we could have known all of this when he first arrived (in those early anxious months and years).

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Another great year went by and it was time to say “good-bye” as Donnchadh graduated from SKIP in June.
Over the past year Donnchadh has developed so many amazing skills and has become an independent little boy, full of personality and fun! It was great to see the improvement in his attention span during circle time, his motor skills in PE and most of all the friendship strengthen between him and his peers in SKIP, they sure had fun in class!!

I wish Donnchadh all the good things life can bring!!

Donnchadh Gibson

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Donnchadh Gibson

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Donnchadh Gibson

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