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Donnchadh Gibson

Place in the Family
Youngest, older brother Danann (5 1/2)
Music, Climbing, Biscuits, Opening doors, Lights, throwing things!
Teddies, Closed doors, Doctors
Bopping to music, Exploring, Playing peek-a-boo, Wrestling

Testimonial by Mom, Dee Gibson

Over two years ago, my world literally crumbled as we were given Donnchadh’s diagnosis in the delivery suite. Now here we are, moving along a completely different, challenging but amazingly rewarding path as a family. This rascal has changed us all and will change the world around him.

From his infectious giggle to his stubborn determination, Donnchadh is our little treasure. We celebrate with gusto every milestone he is reaching; from tasting his first finger food to using his first Lamh sign (light) to climbing a full length of stairs. Simple things that as parents of his older brother Danann, we took for granted.

Every day Donnchadh is banishing the misinformed preconception I had of Down syndrome. You cannot put a label on him, Donnchadh is Donnchadh. He has little quirks like any kid – an obsession with Incey Wincey Spider and turning lights on/off. He’s a social butterfly; loves nothing more than messing with his buddies in his mainstream crèche or bopping along to Triona’s singalongs in Team21Tots. He is doing everything in his own time. With the exceptional help and support he is receiving from services like the Down Syndrome Centre, we know we will continue to delight in seeing Donnchadh grow in strength, in confidence and in ability.

Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots Coordinator

I have had the pleasure of Donnchadh’s company in Team 21 tots this year. He has been a wonderful addition to our group. He has the biggest smile and a wonderful personality. He is quite the charmer! He loves the class and watches intently to everything that’s happening. I know Donnchadh will continue to shine and charm everyone he comes in contact with.

Donnchadh Gibson

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Donnchadh Gibson

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Donnchadh Gibson

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