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Ellie Talbot

Place in the Family
Ellie has one little sister whose name is Katie. Ellie is a super big sister.
Sofia the First, Mr Tumble and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Playing with her princess dolls, the Playground.
Rice Pudding

Testimonial by Mum, Joann O’Callaghan

Ellie has been the most amazing addition to our family. At only 2 years old she already has had the most powerful impact on everyone around her. I love to go into Ellie’s room every morning because you always find her just sitting there with a big smile on her face ready for the day ahead.

When Ellie was 9 months old she developed Infantile Spasm’s which is a severe form of Epilepsy in babies. Through all the treatment she never complained once and took it all in her stride which could teach the rest of us a lesson or two.

Everyday Ellie amazes us with her achievements whether they are big or small as we know she needs to work that little bit harder to get there. Ellie has thought us that we should not even take the smallest of things for granted and that life is to be enjoyed to its full.

Ellie absolutely loves attending SKIP at the Down Syndrome Centre where she has thrived since she started in January 2016.

We look forward to the most wonderful life ahead with Ellie and if the last two years are anything to go by, it’s going to continue to be the most amazing journey.


Testimonial by Ed Deegan, SKIP Therapist

Beautiful Ellie began SKIP in late Autumn, both shy and sweet. It is amazing to see her now participating fully in all activities. She is always ready to open the song box and sing in circle time and she tries all the different PE challenges with enthusiasm. It is wonderful to see her progress each week.


Ellie Talbot

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Ellie Talbot

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Ellie Talbot

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