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Ellie Talbot

Place in the Family
Ellie has one little sister, Katie (3). Ellie is a super big sister and they are already great friends!
Absolutely adores Peppa Pig and Vampirina
Ellie still does not like getting her hair done!
Playgrounds and spending time with other children, Gets super excited when we visit ball places and does not rest the entire time we are there.

Testimonial by Mum, Joann O’Callaghan

Ellie continues to grow into the amazing girl that I know she is going to be. Her personality is infectious. She puts a smile on anyone’s face that comes in contact with her which her positive and happy attitude.

Ellie was a Flower Girl for friends of ours in April which she thoroughly enjoyed. She absolutely loved being in the limelight for the day and kept saying wow to how beautiful her dress was.

Ellie is performing brilliantly in playschool this year and gets involved in all of the activities. She is always in the centre of all of the action and loves being with all of the other kids.

She continues to amaze me every day with her determination to do what comes sometimes easier to other children.

I am enjoying every minute watching her as she grows up.

We would be lost without the services of the Down Syndrome Centre where Ellie attends Speech Therapy. They are always ready to answer any concerns or questions that I have.

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Ellie is continuing to develop her speech and language skills and has progressed so much in the past year. She enjoys the social aspect of therapy and will often move away from the therapy work just so I have to go catch her. She has an amazing personality and is so much fun to be around.

Ellie Talbot

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Ellie Talbot

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Ellie Talbot

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