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Elliot Winders

Place in the Family
Youngest of 4. Has 1 sister, Perin (12), and 2 brothers, Noah (10) and Dashiel (7)
Jumping in puddles, Jigsaws, Spinning fans, his dog Alfie!
Keeping his glasses on!
Gardening (aka pulling the flowers of all my plants), Playing the Piano, Acrobats on the trampoline!

Testimonial by Mum, Natasha Byram

I honestly cannot imagine a world without Elliot, for that matter I cannot imagine a world without Down syndrome… to those who don’t have Down syndrome in their lives that might seem a strange notion, but to the ones who know, well, we are the lucky ones.

It’s through campaigns like 21 Faces that we can somehow impart a little bit of that lucky feeling and share how in awe we are of our children. Elliot burst into this world in a whirlwind, turned it all upside down, and frightened the life out of us with heart surgery. But as the storm settled, we saw what a truly beautiful human being we were given.

Elliot has come on so much over the last year, no doubt with the help of the amazing facilities at the Down Syndrome Centre, his hard work in Occupational Therapy, and the many skills he learns through SKIP. His speech is amazing, which lends itself to his cheeky, funny sentences, his strength surpasses what we hoped for, which lends itself to allow me to proudly watch him rough and tumble with his brothers and climb on our poor unfortunate dog pretending it’s a horse!
His determination to do things for himself is almost a novelty for me, as even my other 3 kids weren’t as keen to not let mummy do everything for them!

He started preschool last September and loves it, as they love him being there.

Elliot makes me laugh daily, he makes me crazy with his stubbornness sometimes, but mostly he makes me so, so thankful that I am one of the lucky ones.


Testimonial by Ellie Reilly, Occupational Therapist

Elliot has thrived so much over the past year. His attention and concentration has improved, and he continues to be a bright young soul that livens up the start of my working week. Elliot has gotten a new addition to his family this year; a dog called Alfie. Elliot loves to tell me all about Alfie, along with teaching me new songs, and keeping me up to date with all things ‘Peppa Pig’. I continue to have the privilege to share Elliot’s journey in the Down Syndrome Centre.


Elliot Winders

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Elliot Winders

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Elliot Winders

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