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Emma Lande

Place in the Family
Eldest and only girl with younger brother, Tom (9)
Swimming, Shopping, Trampolining, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Playing the Nintento, Milano’s
Noisy places and still homework
Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming

Testimonial by Mum, Elaine Lande

Emma has had another great year and hard to believe but she will be heading into 5th class in September. Emma loves school and really enjoys heading in every day with her brother Tom, though they still fight over who gets to sit in the front seat every morning! This year Emma won a gold medal at school swimming, she was so proud of herself, and also won the trophy for most improved Junior member at Lakers Basketball Club. Emma has also started to play hockey with Monkstown Strikers and is looking forward to September when the season kicks off again. She took part in a fashion shoot with a couple of her buddies to promote ‘Buy my dress’ and had great fun in Cabinteely Park modelling and posing.

The Pre-teen group in the DSC now have their own room with a very cool graffiti wall in the new Centre and Emma really enjoys going in to see her friends, including Ellie (the Occupational Therapist), every two weeks. They get to hang out upstairs, playing games and chatting and not realising that they’re actually working! It’s super to see how the personalities are coming out and how friendships are evolving. It’s so encouraging for us to see Ellie and the gang in The Down Syndrome Centre creating an age appropriate space for the older children attending that will grow with them. Next stop – Pre-teen Summer Camp.

Testimonial by Ellie Forsyth, Occupational Therapist

Emma continues to be a beautiful, fun loving, mischievous girl. Her maturity and independence has surpassed all of our expectations this past year. Emma’s mum Elaine now drops her to the centre for her pre-teen group; Emma will come in by herself and pay Karen on reception and wait for her change and receipt without prompting. This is fitting as Emma was learning about money management in group last term, and it is great for her to be able to consolidate this goal in a natural and inclusive environment. Emma is currently working on time and can tell the time on the hour and half hour. I always say never underestimate the children that access our services; and Emma has positively reinforced this statement for me.

Emma Lande

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Emma Lande

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Emma Lande

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