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Emma Lande

Place in the Family
Eldest and only girl with younger brother, Tom (8).
Swimming, Shopping, Playdates, Katy Perry and still the iPad!
Noisy places, Homework.
Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming.

Testimonial by Mum, Elaine Lande

Emma has had a very good and busy year. She’s heading into 4th class in September and is so happy heading into school every day. Her best buddy would still be her brother Tom, who she describes as her ‘favourite person in the whole world’!

Emma has won medals with Lakers at Special Olympics athletic events, has won medals at her school swimming gala and won the year end Junior Trophy with Tivoli Tigers gymnastics club. She was also voted ‘Senior Sports Personality of the Month’ in school for April, as voted by her classmates! All of these fantastic achievements have helped to boost Emma’s confidence and she is a very happy girl.

Emma also made her First Communion this year alongside Tom, they had a great day together and a lovely party with family and friends which she really enjoyed.

Emma is now part of the Pre-Teen Group in the Down Syndrome Centre. This group meets bi-weekly and is run by Ellie (Occupational Therapy) and Claire (Speech Therapy). It’s been a fantastic development for Emma as the group setting is now more appropriate for her as she gets older, as opposed to one to one sessions. The peer modelling and interactions are fabulous and true friendships are emerging. Emma runs into the Centre and usually doesn’t want to leave. It’s been wonderful for us, as parents, to see how Ellie and Claire have adapted and developed what the Down Syndrome Centre can do for Emma as she gets older and her needs change. Roll on the Summer Camp!!!


Testimonial by Ellie Reilly, Occupational Therapist

Emma is one of the oldest children in the Down Syndrome Centre, and a founding member of our Pre-Teen Group. Emma’s confidence has exuded over the last year, and she is displaying her wonderful personality in a group setting. I thoroughly enjoy watching Emma continue to learn and grow, and motivate her peers in the centre.


Emma Lande

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Emma Lande

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Emma Lande

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