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Faye Corcoran

Place in the Family
1 younger sister Macy, age 4
Dancing, Singing, Dressing up as a Princess and Tayto Crisps!!
Leaving her Nanny and Grandas house, Spiders.
Stage school on Monday, Irish Dancing on Tuesday, Hip Hop Dancing Class on Friday

Testimonial by Mum, Claire Corcoran

Faye was our 1st born daughter. We found out at birth that she had Down syndrome and the first few months were very busy but we just got on with it with a lot of support from my family & friends.

Faye makes me laugh so much that it usually turns to tears as I’m so proud of her and the young girl she’s turning into. She loves any excuse to have a dance and sing a song and is first up on the dancefloor at parties! She loves all things Disney and we spent the most magical week in Disneyland Paris in March, she smiled from ear to ear for the whole week.

Having Down syndrome was never a big deal to us, it just means it will take Faye a little bit longer to do certain things. At the moment we’re concentrating on her speech and attend The Down Syndrome Centre weekly to see Claire, Faye’s Speech Therapist. The difference in Faye has been amazing and her speech is coming on hugely. We’d be totally lost without the DSC and the services it offers us as a family, it’s so welcoming to us and the kettle is always on for a cuppa and a chat.

I don’t look too far into the future and take each day as it comes and so far it’s working well for us and Faye.

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Faye is our girlie girl in the centre. Faye loves showing off her latest clothes and shoes. She loves having her nails painted and sessions cannot start until we have discussed the latest nail colour. Faye’s speech and language skills have improved so much and she loves engaging with others. Her play skills and social skills are fantastic and she has many friends both within and outside the centre. It is always a pleasure to work with Faye.


Faye Corcoran

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Faye Corcoran

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Faye Corcoran

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