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Faye Corcoran

Place in the Family
1 younger sister Macy (6)
Singing & Dancing and being centre of attention. She loves to spend time with her Grandad & eating Tayto crisps
Not getting her own way! Getting her hair done.
Drama class with Stagedoor Ireland, Hip Hop Class & Playing Barbies with her sister Macy.

Testimonial by Mam, Claire Corcoran

Faye has the funniest sense of humour and loves a good laugh. She gets on great with her sister Macy who is the best little sister to Faye.

She is very independent and doesn’t like to be rushed which usually results in telling me to ‘have some patience..’

This has been the best year for Faye in school, she has made great progress especially with her reading and we are so proud of her and all the hard work she’s putting in, she has great support at school, especially from her amazing SNA, Mary who we’d be lost without.

Faye recently took part in a stage show with her Drama Class and loved every minute of it.

Faye attends the Down Syndrome Centre weekly for Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy and we are very grateful for the support we get, she is continuing to make great improvements.

We only hope she continues to be happy and healthy in the future, every day is brighter & funnier because of Faye and we love her to bits.

Testimonial by Ellie Forsyth, Occupational Therapist

Glamour girl Faye is one to watch. Her style and charisma is second to none, and this girl has brains to burn. This year she has perfected her signature which is such an important functional skill. She continues to be brave in Occupational Therapy sessions by trying out new activities such as the climbing wall and walking the beam which she describes as ‘scary’. I look forward to my sessions with Faye and hearing all about her week in school and what she got up to on the weekend with her sister Macy. Undoubtedly her social life puts the rest of us to shame!

Faye Corcoran

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Faye Corcoran

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Faye Corcoran

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