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Faye Corcoran

Place in the Family
1 younger sister Macy, age 5
Being with her friends, Spending time with Grandad, Singing & Dancing
Spiders & Creepy Crawlies
Drama, Irish Dancing, Swimming

Testimonial by Mum, Claire Corcoran

This has been a great year for Faye! We’ve seen everything improving and she has really grown in confidence and her ability to do things herself.

She’s had the best support in school and made her First Holy Communion in May. We were so very proud of her and she just loved every part of the day.

Faye’s a busy girl with something on most days after school, and she loves to play Barbies and do some colouring with her little sister Macy.

Her speech has really come on with big thanks to all the support and hard work every week from Claire, Speech Therapist in The Down Syndrome Centre. She’s looking forward to the Summer Camps at DSC and spending time with her friends.

Faye makes us so proud in everything she does. She is such a strong and independent young girl who handles herself so well with her peers. She has the best manners and always looks out for her little sister and her friends.


Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Our trend setter Faye continues to brighten my Friday afternoons. She attends sessions in the centre and we have had amazing conversations on everything from fidget spinners to Jojo bows. Faye made her First Holy Communion this year and she had an amazing day with her friends and family. Faye has worked really hard this year in school and her speech and language skills have improved so much. I have such high hopes for Faye for the coming year.


Faye Corcoran

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Faye Corcoran

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Faye Corcoran

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