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Hazel Buchanan

Place in the Family
Middle of 3, Brother Jack age 10 and Sister Cori age 5
Fun, Fun, Fun!
Afraid of the dark, Dogs
All sports, especially basketball and football

Testimonial by Mum & Dad, Evelyn & Alan Buchanan

Hazel is an ordinary seven year old girl with extraordinary qualities. She has the power to light up your day with her cheeky expressions and comical personality.

One of the best words of advice we got was to never underestimate her. She is outgoing, smart and with great supports achieves her goals in mainstream first class. She sets her mind on a task and through sheer determination, persistence and often stubbornness she always succeeds. Over the past two years Hazel has attended The Down Syndrome Centre for Speech Therapy and we can honestly say as would anyone who knows her that her understanding of vocabulary and clarity of speech has vastly improved. Plus she just loves it, so much so she calls it Claire’s house.

We have been taken on a journey we never would have expected and had many adventures but by God do we love our tour guide.

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Hazel has a wonderful personality. She is so bubbly in the sessions with her infectious smile and laughs. Hazel’s speech sessions are such fun and she engages really well. She is very motivated to learn new things and will try her best at all times. Hazel’s social skills are fantastic and she enjoys being around people and chatting. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Hazel.


Hazel Buchanan

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Hazel Buchanan

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Hazel Buchanan

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