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Hazel Buchanan

Place in the Family
Middle of 3, Brother Jack (12) and Sister Cori (7)
Play Dates with her cousins and friends. Going to parks. Favourite food Shepherd’s Pie a brown bag of chips.
Still not a fan of bed time and not a lover of dogs
Swimming and Athletics in Special Olympics

Testimonial by Aunt, Karen Depla

I’m Hazel’s aunt and I have seen our little Madame grow and progress through tough-times health wise when she was younger and through those challenging first years in school. Hazel’s determination and enthusiasm for life and learning ensures that she never fails to delight me with her funny one liners, her wonderful writing and drawings and her heartfelt performances of Coldplay songs. All the family were so proud of Hazel when she won a Merit Award in the Write A Book competition this year. My children always have a great time with Hazel and all of the Buchanan’s with giggling and laughter ever present. Hazel has a knack of bringing out happiness and joy in everyone. She loves seeing her pals at the Down Syndrome Centre’s social skills group, she loves company and we love her.

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Hazel has had an amazing year both academically and personally. She has surpassed her goals for speech therapy and is now enjoying being part of a social skills group. She amazes me with her knowledge of the world and loves to chat in the social skills group about her family and what they get up to. I am delighted to be part of her journey!!

Hazel Buchanan

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Hazel Buchanan

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Hazel Buchanan

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