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Hazel Buchanan

Place in the Family
Middle of 3, Brother Jack age 11 and Sister Cori age 6
Having a good laugh and enjoying life. Favourite food a brown bag of chips.
Going to bed for fear of missing something.
Football and Athletics in Special Olympics

Testimonial by Special Needs Assistants’ Sheila Giles & Geraldine Gasparro

We work with Hazel in the school environment and she certainly puts a smile on our face every day. Hazel embraces every new task and through her determination and openness to learning, we have witnessed Hazel progress into the wonderful little girl she is today. She has lots of friends and loves interacting with them all. She radiates happiness and contentment, which indeed is infectious but she also has a divilment streak. Hence she is known as ‘the minx’. We were very glad to be part of Hazel’s journey.

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Unsurprisingly Hazel has had an amazing year overall. Her speech and language skills have improved so much both at home and in school. Hazel became a TV superstar earlier this year where she had her own film crew capturing school and family life in the Buchannon household. Hazel loved telling me all about it. Hazel also made her First Holy Communion and was asked to read a prayer on her big day. Hazel still continues to brighten my day and I love hearing all about her adventures.


Hazel Buchanan

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Hazel Buchanan

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Hazel Buchanan

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