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Joshua Cussen

Place in the Family
Three older brothers, Dylan (15), Christopher (16), and Kai (18)
Ben & Holly’s Magical Kingdom, He adores our red setter called Roxy! They are great friends
Staying in his car seat! Wearing Shoes and socks! Staying in his buggy!
Football – he is a member of Team 21 Tigers, Horse riding, Taekwondo with his brother Christopher, Swimming – Joshua absolutely loves the water!

Testimonial from Dad, Pat Cussen

Picture this. You’ve just had a new carpet laid on your stairs and landing. A nice steel grey carpet. Two weeks later you see your other half looking horrified at the bottom of the stairs and without explanation she bounds up, three steps at a time, crying “noooooo” as she advances. You run to the stairs to see what all the fuss is about and immediately you understand; your 5 year old is standing at the top of the stairs, a large squeezy bottle of blue paint in his little hands and he’s expelling the contents in a scatter gun manner across the landing! His eyes dance as the blue blobs of paint hit the carpet and splash across the landing. Triona grabs the bottle from Joshua’s grasp before he has emptied it and with a glint in his eye he looks up at Triona and says in a very sincere voice, “Ine sorry Mama”.

That’s our Joshua. A typically mischievous 5 year old boy who loves the craic and pushes the boundaries and our buttons at every opportunity. He keeps us young and has taught us that we can’t take life too seriously. Every day we create new memories with him and we love them all – even the shocking ones! Oh, and not that it matters, but Joshua has Down syndrome.

Joshua Cussen

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Joshua Cussen

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Joshua Cussen

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