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Joshua Cussen

Place in the Family
Three older brothers, Dylan (16), Christopher (17) and Kai (19)
Roxy our red setter and Molly our cat. What’s the story in Balamory, Max and Ruby, Visiting Nana & Papa
Being told what to do, Favourite Word – NO!
Football – he is a member of Team 21 Tiger. Horse riding. Taekwondo with his brother Christopher. Swimming – Joshua absolutely loves the water!

Testimonial from Mum, Triona Cussen

Joshua is just finishing his first year at Donabate Portrane Educate Together School. He has had a fantastic first year in school. He loves going into school and has a big smile on his face every day coming home. Joshua has been very lucky to have a wonderful team of teachers and a fantastic SNA working with him. He has worked really hard all year and has learned so much in his first year. He loves to speak Irish and has won an award for great Irish speaking. He has enjoyed doing his homework so long may that continue.

Joshua has been so lucky to have a very close group of friends from Junior Infants. He loves nothing more than having friends home on a playdate or going on playdates. We have seen his confidence soar in this area. His speech and language has improved so much this year which allows him to join in the fun at yard time and make real friendships. He has gone to birthday parties all on his own and never wants to leave at home time. We hope this continues for him.

Joshua loves to chill out with a bowl of popcorn while watching Archie from Balamory. Archie is his favourite person in the whole world at the moment. He also loves to visit his nana and papa every day after school. He loves to ask them if they want tea or coffee and helps me make it…. Think we might have a waiter on our hands.

Joshua also plays football every Saturday. His team is called Team 21 Tigers and his coaches are wonderful. They are all getting better every week. It’s also a great time to meet all his friends from Team 21 tots.

Joshua also does therapeutic Horse riding every two weeks. His favourite pony is called Shergar. He loves to go into the magic forest with him and do all his fine motor skills exercises while on Shergar! Joshua has also started going to pony camps on the school holidays. This has been so good for Joshua as not only does he horse ride but he has to help clean out the stables and help groom the ponys. So much fun.

Joshua is improving on his scooter and his starting to independently go on it which has been lovely to see. He loves to go to the playground and climb on everything, and swing as high as he can. His confidence is improving all the time. Joshua was diagnosed Coeliac this year so it was a hard transition for him in the beginning as he has a love affair with bread, but after a few months he has adapted very well to his new diet.

So another year done and it’s all smiles in our house. We are grateful for all the groundwork that went into Joshua at the Down Syndrome Centre which has definitely set him up for such a great year. Joshua has done summer camps and found them to be great fun. It is so important to have the centre there when little issues arise and we might need some expert advice. As Joshua’s early service provider has come to an end once primary school starts, it’s more important than ever to have a place to come to and have advice and support if needed.

Joshua Cussen

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Joshua Cussen

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Joshua Cussen

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