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Joshua Cussen

Place in the Family
Three older brothers, Dylan 14, Christopher 15, and Kai 17
Anything to do with Justin Fletcher! Mr Tumble, Gigglebiz, Peppa Pig The Happy Song by Pharrel Williams Playing football with his brothers and copying their Taekwondo moves. Loves to say No!
His buggy! His car seat! He is afraid of flies and spiders!

Testimonial from Aunty Dee in Singapore

Joshua Cussen takes after his mum, he has a delight in all things that involve mischief and mayhem. Beyond anything he loves a full house, to be in the middle of the craic at all times, the more the merrier. The welcoming smile to visitors to his door is a chip off the old block and the apple did not fall too far from the tree.

Joshua is taking in his stride the milestones it seemed to take so long for him to hit and how we now smile thinking how often we pondered when would he walk? Talk? Recognise his words and shapes, how silly we were.

There is literally nothing Joshua Cussen will not hit in terms of milestones nor will there be any dreams left unfulfilled. His four years of life he has done more and seen more than most of us. He has swam in the south China Sea, played in the sand on a remote Indonesian Island, took his first steps in Thailand and Singapore and wiled away an evening in a Southern Californian Jacuzzi shooting the breeze with his cousins.

He is quite simply the love of our lives, the glue that holds us firmly together, our teacher in resilience and effort.

When he gets out of bed on the wrong side he pushes his luck, throws his shapes and does not suffer fools gladly so he is clearly a bit like his auntie too and I love him madly.

A word from Mum, Triona Cussen

Joshua is graduating from SKIP in June after two years. Dani has been fantastic with him and has really prepared him for school. We are thrilled with his progress.

Ellie had also worked on Joshua’s fine motor skills which has been fantastic! He loves her.

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Joshua is a beautiful, bright and charming little man!! His speech is incredible and he has a wonderful memory. Joshua is part of my “liveliest” SKIP group and him and his gang are amazing friends!! It’s great to observe how well Josh can express his likes and dislikes, he uses the most wonderful facial expressions and is able to engage in proper dialogues. He’s full of personality and I’m sure he’s going to breeze through life!

Joshua Cussen

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Joshua Cussen

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Joshua Cussen

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