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Lara Gilson

Place in the Family
Eldest child. Big sister to Belle
Doc Mc Stuffins, Princess Elsa, Birthdays, Cookies, Chocolate eggs
Hair brushing, Face washing.
Ballet, Hip Hop Dance Class.

Testimonial by Mum, Jackie Carlile

When Lara was born I cried a lot!

Four years later I’m still crying! But now I’m crying tears of absolute love, joy, laughter and pride.

Love – as I’ve witnessed her survive when the odds were medically stacked against her.
Pride – as I’ve watched her overcome countless physical, intellectual and social challenges.
Challenges that Lara has overcome through her own determination and hard work but also through the services she receives from The Down Syndrome Centre.

The Staff at the Down Syndrome Centre see Lara as I see her, a little girl with huge abilities rather than a condition with restrictions.

The benefits of Lara’s Occupational Therapy are obvious as she balances and jumps, during her local ballet class alongside her peers. Pure joy to watch! As is listening to Lara telling her friends, “knock knock” jokes. She always laughs loudly before the punch line. The confidence and social skills to do this gained from attending “SKIP”.

For me the most rewarding benefit has come from her Speech Therapy. As I listen to my kind, intelligent, beautiful and funny daughter say “Mammy I love you”.
With tears of love and admiration, my reply, “Lara I love you too, you’re amazing”.

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Lara has been such a joy to get to know. She is eager to learn and engages very well in her speech sessions. Lara and her sister are the trend setters in the centre always dressed in the most fashionable clothes. I have witnessed Lara becoming more comfortable and confident in her interactions with others and it is always a pleasure to work with her.


Lara Gilson

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Lara Gilson

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Lara Gilson

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