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Lara Gilson

Place in the Family
Eldest of two girls. Big sister to Belle (4)
Books, Writing, Cutting, Playing with her Barbies, Dressing up and YouTube. She loves a cheese sandwich and a cookie too
When people help her to much. "I don't need help " is often heard coming from Lara's mouth
Ballet , GAA, Hip Hop Dancing and Swimming

Testimonial by Mum, Jackie Carlile

This year has seen Lara grow and mature in many ways. With every year that passes a more beautiful and capable little girl emerges.

It is often said that it takes “a village to raise a child” and it does but for a child with Down syndrome it can also take a village of people who are inclusive, open minded and believe that with a little help and support that anyone can meet their milestones and achieve their dreams.

Fortunately Lara has many such people in her life and with their help and support this year she has reached some of her biggest milestones to date.

Some such people and the milestones they have helped Lara achieve this year are:

Lara’s ballet teacher – with her support and inclusive approach Lara completed and passed her first ballet exam. Lara was delighted with herself, she ran up to collect her certificate with such delight and pride.

Her stage school teacher who has taught Lara for the past number of years and has always encouraged and included her at all times. This encouragement has led to Lara’s love of singing and dancing. It also saw Lara take part in her first stage school production this year. In which she performed phenomenally alongside all her peers. She is currently preparing for her second show later this year.

Lara’s therapists at The Down Syndrome Centre have believed in her since day one and worked with her to reach many milestones such as the ability to write independently. Lara can now write her own name and family members names, she can copy short sentences. Another huge achievement for her this year.

Her speech therapist at the Down syndrome centre has worked tirelessly on helping and developing Lara’s speech ability and clarity, also her reading skills. She proudly reads her books loudly and with such confidence
Both her therapists have played a large part in helping Lara reach her biggest milestone to date – BIG SCHOOL!

Yes this year saw Lara’s start big school, a massive milestone for any child but for our Lara it was a huge achievement. An extremely proud moment for us as her parents and our extended families. Lara has flourished and excelled in all aspects of school. Despite all my worries and concerns, Lara loves school. She loves her friends and they love her. She invited them to her birthday party and they invited her to theirs.

Lara is the first student to have Down syndrome in her school and boy has she taught them all a thing or two! Her school have been a wonderful support to her, their inclusiveness and positivity towards Lara has been instrumental in her success during her first year. She proudly participates in all aspect of her class and with the help and support she receives – she is acing Junior Infants! The biggest support to her has been the inclusiveness of the children in her class. They all love Lara for Lara. Just as we do.

This year also saw Lara lose her first tooth, she needed no help from anyone with this milestone she was very capable of wiggling it out all by herself!!!! To her delight the tooth fairy visited her with chocolate coins and money. I think this was Lara’s favorite milestone of the year.

As with every year that passes Lara continues to teach us that anything is possible and that with a little support and help no dream is out of reach or unachievable . We can’t wait to see where Lara’s journey takes us this year x

Testimonial by Claire Mullally, Speech and Language Therapist

Lara has had an amazing first year in primary school. Her teachers were full of praise for this amazing girl that is so motivated to work and communicate with her friends. She is full of life and chats to everyone in the centre when she arrives. Lara’s speech and language skills have progressed immensely and she loves to comment on what I am wearing and having chats on fashion. I have no doubt that Lara will continue to amaze us in the future.

Lara Gilson

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Lara Gilson

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Lara Gilson

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