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Liam Caseiro

Place in the Family
Liam is the eldest of our three children. His brother, Senan, is two and his sister, Fiadh, is eight months old
Sleepovers with his Cousins, Painting, Montessori, Playdates, Jumping on the Trampoline! Going to SKIP!Making his siblings laugh, Visiting his Nana and Daideo and Emptying the contents of the presses in our kitchen!!!!!!!
Swings in the Playground, Going to sleep.
Gymnastics, Football, Swimming

Testimonial by Liam’s Daideo, Eamonn O’Dulainn

“Liam continues to grow and learn and to delight us all. His pleasant personality endears him to all who meet him. He leads a full life and loves playing with his brother, sister and friends. This year he has joined football on Saturdays, gymnastics on Tuesdays and he continues swimming on Thursdays. He especially enjoys weekend breaks with his cousins”

Testimonial by Mum, Meadhbh Caseiro

Liam continues to attend SKIP classes with Dani in the DSC. We have found these classes invaluable to all areas of Liam’s development. Dani is fantastic with Liam and all the kids in the group – she knows them very well individually, building on their strengths while also recognising the areas that need a bit more support. Liam has learned new skills, formed strong friendships with his peers and developed social skills that he is transferring to everyday life. This is Liam’s third year attending SKIP and it is has been incredible to watch him grow over this period.

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

A year went by since my last testimonial and Liam has kept me as inspired as ever!! What a joy to have had him in class for almost 3 years!! His lovely smile, gentle manner with his friends, his attention to the class and most of all the way he keeps progressing in every area are so uplifting! I’ll miss him dearly as his class is graduating from SKIP in just a few weeks. Words can’t express all the good things I wish him. I know he will have a beautiful path ahead!!

Liam Caseiro

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Liam Caseiro

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Liam Caseiro

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