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Liam Caseiro

Place in the Family
Liam is the eldest in our family, he has a younger brother, Senan (3) and younger sister, Fiadh (1)
Loves playing Doctors, Builders & Shop with his Senan & Fiadh. Wrestling with his Cousins on the Trampoline and going to GAA club with them. Likes quiet time playing with Blocks, Cars and Garage
Getting dressed in the morning. Having his hair washed in the bath.
Gymnastics, Football, Swimming and GAA

Testimonial by his Aunty, Orlaith Moran

Liam is phenomenal! His fun loving charm captures the hearts of all who meet him. Whether wrestling and bouncing on the trampoline with his cousins or knocking down towers of blocks in his infectious laugh, is enough to brighten anyone’s day. He knows that a hug and a roguish smile are enough to wriggle his way out of anything and he’s not afraid to use them as required.

During the past year he has completed Montessori, starred as Rudolf in his class play, continued to play soccer with Team 21 Tigers, won a medal in gymnastics and most recently followed in the footsteps of his favourite big cousin Shane by joining Erin’s Isle GAA Club.

Since finishing up SKIP with Dani, Liam has been attending OT with Ellie in the Down Syndrome Centre, working his fine motor skills, gross motor skills table top skills. Ellie teaches Liam and his brother Senan together in an inclusive environment and they both love every second of their sessions with her. Ellie has an incredible ability to adapt her lessons to whatever the children are interested in on any given day and always instils confidence in both boys.

Liam has a wide circle of friends both young and old and shows great example to his younger brother Senan and baby sister Fiadh with his positive can do attitude. He is all set to make the leap to Big School in September where he will continue to thrive. Liam is exceptional and an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to spend time with him. Liam is our superstar!

Testimonial by Ellie Forsyth, Occupational Therapist

Liam has had an extraordinary year in terms of meeting his Occupational Therapy goals. He has blossomed from a quiet, shy little boy to a determined, hardworking boy with a glint of mischief shining through. Liam has worked hard all year, along with his brother Senan to strengthen his fine motor skills and learned to write his letters beautifully. Liam has addressed his fear and caution in relation to swings and like music to my ears, now requests me to push him higher and faster. I have no doubt he will excel in big school this September.

Liam Caseiro

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Liam Caseiro

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Liam Caseiro

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