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Liam Caseiro

Place in the Family
Liam is the eldest child in our family. He has a little brother Senan (1) and is looking forward to having another sibling in September
Playing with his cousins, Dogs, Swimming, Mr. Tumble, Jelly
Swings, Dinner

Testimonial by Mum, Meadhbh Caseiro

Liam is a fun, clever, entertaining, little boy. Although he is only three, he already has a hectic social life. He meets up with his friends every Friday at Team 21 Tots, where he plays, sings, learns new skills but above all is forming great friendships. He has been attending weekly SKIP classes in The Down Syndrome Centre with four of his friends since he was eighteen months old and will continue to do so until he starts school.

Liam goes swimming every Thursday with his little brother Senan and his friends and attends a mainstream crèche twice a week too. With any spare time that he might have between all of these activities, Liam loves nothing more than meeting up with his cousins, aunts, uncles, nana and daideo. His relationship with his cousins is beautiful. They love and care for Liam and have all the time in the world for him. His face lights up when he sees them and his true personality shines through when he is with them.

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

When I first met Liam he was less than one year old and wasn’t moving yet. Still back then I could see how incredibly bright he was! I have had the privilege to watch Liam’s development in every area and I’m very happy to say that in 2 years he has never ceased to amaze me. He’s great with his friends, very hard working and the first one to do all the actions in circle time!! We’re very lucky to have Liam in SKIP. Keep up the hard work little boy, there are no limits for you!!!

Liam Caseiro

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Liam Caseiro

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Liam Caseiro

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