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Lilah Ward

Place in the Family
Youngest in the family – Little sister to Harrison (4)
You Tube Kids App – she can select it on the IPad all by herself! Bows, Music & Dancing
Being left out – Lilah likes to be involved in whatever is going on around her
Playing with her brother, Going on Swings, Wearing Bows

Testimonial by Mum, Lorraine O’Brien

Lilah has come on leaps and bounds in the last year, she recently turned 2 and it seemed over night she just wasn’t a baby anymore. We love to watch her grow, what we once thought was a bleak future has turned into such a bright positive happy eventful life with Lilah.

In the last year she has shown us how clever she is, she has so many signs and knows all her animals through sign, we are currently in the process of learning her colours and the alphabet, she enjoys the alphabet so much and can already recognise some letters.

Lilah is a bit of an Instagram star, Instafamous I think they call it (lol), and last year she became a brand rep for Little Bow Pip, this is a big Irish bow company, all because of our love of all things bows. We were so happy when Lilah got this as to us this shows true inclusion which is what we are always striving for.

Lilah is doing so well overall, something I always worried about was speech but if you ask her her name she will tell you ‘Lilah’ clear as day. She also calls her brother by his nick name ‘Har’ and has a couple of other words, favourite word probably being ‘more’ especially at dinner time..

Crawling has been perfected the past year so were hopeful this year will bring the walking, Lilah has thought us not to rush these things she will get there in her own time like she does with everything.

Team 21 Tots has been fantastic for Lilah the past 2 years, Lilah loves it and if I am honest so does Mammy, we have met some really lovely people here big and small, that I know we will remain friends with for many years. Lilah loves the songs and nursery rhymes we’ve learned from Triona and at home we sing and sign them together, all the time.

We are looking forward to joining SKIP in September, I know this will be hugely beneficial to Lilah as I truly believe she has tonnes of ability and will excel given the right education for her. We are looking forward to meeting her fellow class mates too, there is exciting times ahead and I am so excited for Lilah’s future, and so thankful for The Down Syndrome Centre for giving Lilah that extra help she needs to meet the potential I can already see she has.


Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots Coordinator

Lilah is an absolute pleasure to have in Team 21. I have noticed Lilah has become more interactive in our sessions. She loves to explore all the materials and is a little magpie for anything colourful and sparkly. I love that Lilah is a confident explorer, she is curious and eager to learn. She is a very bright little girl with a very bright future! I will enjoy watching her continued development. And did I mention that she’s also ridiculously cute and loves her style!

Lilah Ward

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Lilah Ward

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Lilah Ward

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