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Lilah Ward

Place in the Family
Youngest in the family, has one brother Harrison (5)
Bows, Peppa pig, Ben and holly, colouring books, swings
Getting her hair brushed!
Watching Peppa Pig & Ben and Holly, Going to the Playground, Dancing

Testimonial by Mum, Lorraine O’Brien

This year Lilah has shown us just how determined she is and continues to surprise us every day!!

She is growing up so much and is a right little lady now, she loves to play with dolls and sit and colour.

She knows her own mind and has a way of getting what she wants, if we tell her ‘no’ she usually repeats the word ‘please’ until that changes to a yes!!

She is full of fun and is adored by all the family, we love watching her grow and see her meet her milestones.

We waited awhile for those first steps but this year they came, it was such a huge celebration in our house, Lilah is still working hard on her walking and we know she will be up on her feet full time very soon!!

Lilah started SKIP in the DSC back in September, so preparation for preschool this September is well underway. As her Mam I always worried about how she will get on when it comes to preschool, but I can see in her how ready she is. SKIP has helped so much with Lilahs confidence, her social skills and her play skills too, Dani and Ed are amazing with the kids, they make learning fun and each week Lilah is so excited to get to class, when she sees the Centre she says ‘play’ and is ready to go.

The DSC has provided us with the opportunity to give Lilah the best start for preschool, it gives her confidence and gives us parent’s piece of mind knowing that our kids are receiving that extra support in areas where they need it most.

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Lilah started SKIP last September and it’s been an absolute pleasure having her in class! Lilah is determined, bright, full of chat and fun! It’s been great to watch her becoming more independent and confident and now she can stay in class without mummy, no prob! She loves singing, dressing up, puzzles and playing with her friends!! I’m very lucky to have Lillah in SKIP and I can’t wait to see what next year brings us!!

Lilah Ward

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Lilah Ward

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Lilah Ward

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