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Lilah Ward

Place in the Family
Lilah is our second child, she has 1 older brother Harrison aged 3 and a half
Bows in her hair, pouting for the camera, dancing
Being tired, it's the only time we see her REALLY cry!!

Testimonial by Mum, Lorraine O’Brien

Lilah was born in March 2015, since she was born our lives have truly changed for the better. Lilah was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, it also brought with it 4 holes in her heart one of which was really large and we were told open heart surgery would be required to fix it. The open heart surgery went ahead in July 2015, she recovered amazingly within 9 days we were home and we have never looked back!! She has come on leaps and bounds since then and we are so proud of her every day.

We never knew how much love and kindness Lilah would bring to our lives, everybody knows her and everybody loves her. She is so strong willed and already knows what she wants at 14 months.

Lilah recently did her first Lamh sign, this was a huge milestone for us!! There is a little bird that hangs from her Jumperoo that she just loves so that’s what she signed, bird 🙂 I’m sure it’s also got to do with the many songs we sing at our Team 21 Tots class at The Down Syndrome Centre, (the little bird song is one of her favourites, we sing it at home all the time!!) Team 21 Tots is an amazing class that we attend weekly, Triona is just fantastic and all the kids just love her, and all us mammies too!! Lilah lights up when we’re there and I know I definitely enjoy going to the centre and meeting all the other mammies too.

We’re also looking forward to starting SKIP with Lilah over the next few months, classes like this at the centre give our children every chance to thrive and I am so optimistic about Lilah’s future, I can’t wait to watch her grow.

Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots Coordinator

Little Miss Lilah has been such a joy to get to know. From the first time I met her it’s clear to see she’s a girly girl. She fashioned every colour hair band with matching outfits! Now that she’s a big girl she likes to share her hair clips with her friends! Lilah has a great smile and watches very intently every week to all the songs! Before long she will be giving the class herself. Keep on pouting for the camera as only Lilah can.


Lilah Ward

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Lilah Ward

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Lilah Ward

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