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Milo James McGuirk

Place in the Family
Youngest of 3 boys, two brothers Senan (8) & George (4)
Reading, Days out at the Seaside, Ice-cream, Mr Tumble, And the top of this list is destroying the house!!!
Wrestling with his Brothers, Football, Bouncing on the Trampoline, Dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody!

Testimonial by Mum, Cheri McGuirk

Milo has gone from strength to strength this year. He is walking, even attempted a little run the other day, talking and using lots of Lámh (sign language).

He has positioned himself as the most forceful and independent of all our children. Milo is so determined to get where he needs to be. Nothing can stop him! He goes to a specialised pre-school three mornings a week. In addition he will start a main stream Montessori school in September for two mornings a week.

Milo attended the SKIP program run by the lovely Dani at DSC. It is an amazing class and everything is taught by play. Milo’s sign language came on leaps and bounds once he started attending SKIP.

The DSC offers amazing support to us and meeting up with the other parents is invaluable.


Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Milo was only in SKIP for a few months but it was enough to leave an impression! He’s a very active little toddler with a curious, fun loving personality. I’m sure he’s spreading smiles all around!


Milo James McGuirk

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Milo James McGuirk

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