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Milo James McGuirk

Place in the Family
Youngest of 3 boys, two brothers Senan (9) and George (5)
Paw Patrol, Ben & Holly, Bath time, Trampoline, Tayto Cheese & Onion Crisps, Ice Cream, Singing along to the Team Titans Go theme tune
Home-cooked food, Holding hands when he wants to run off!
Throwing things, Stuffing toilet rolls in the toilet

Testimonial by Mum, Cheri McGuirk

Milo is a boisterous and energetic child, who wakes up enthusiastic every morning.

In the past year he has continued to expand his vocabulary and can now name his whole family, except his mother who he insists on calling “Lala”. He has also learned how to open the front door of the house, which has necessitated the adding of a latch. Milo does not like the latch.

This year Milo started Mainstream Montessori Pre-School where he has settled in very well, forming new friendships. Every morning his arrival is greeted with a cheer and he is clearly thriving.

DSC is invaluable to Milo’s development and helps us get in touch with other parents of children with Downs Syndrome.

Milo James McGuirk

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Milo James McGuirk

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