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Milo James McGuirk

Place in the Family
Youngest, two brothers Senan (7) & George (3)
Playing ball, The Down Syndrome Centre weekly Team 21 Tots group with his chums and wrestling with his brothers
Mummy's fish pie - Yuk!

Testimonial by Mum, Cheri McGuirk

When Milo was born and we were told he had Down syndrome I was initially filled with so much sadness, fear and anger. We then discovered he needed life-saving surgery when he was 2 days old. The Down syndrome fear started to fade when it hit us our beautiful, determined boy had some serious troubles.

Milo has had such a positive impact on our family. His smiles are so contagious, to everyone he meets. So much so his nickname is Smilo!

The biggest lesson I have learned so far is to slow life down and those little annoyances of everyday life really do not matter.

We all love this little man who arrived 21 months ago with a beautiful curve ball so much. We know with extra help our Milo will achieve everything our other boys will do in life.
Yay for Smilo and yay for Down syndrome!

Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots Coordinator

I have enjoyed watching Milo’s fun personality emerge over the last few months. He is definitely on the move and eager to explore all that’s around him. He loves playing with footballs so watch out for a future football player. I thoroughly enjoy Milo’s company at Team 21 tots.


Milo James McGuirk

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Milo James McGuirk

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