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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

Place in the Family
Nina is our first child and she has recently become an older sister to baby Ella (4 weeks old)
Books, Dressing up and re-arranging clothes in her parents' wardrobes, Dancing and Playful baths
Hair Brushing!

Testimonial by Mum, Kasia Timofiejew

It’s been almost two years since Nina took her first breath. What a journey it has been – full of ups and downs and many important lessons that her parents had to learn. Nina has taught us how to become more patient and understanding. She is still learning to walk (despite the endless hours of physio that we do) and reminding us that everything will fall into place when it’s the right time and when she is ready. She helped us to build resilience and handle our vulnerabilities as parents of a child with special needs. She particularly helped her mummy not to be afraid to face the world and keep her head up feeling proud of her daughter that is different than most of her friends’ children. Nina taught us to be more proactive and not afraid to talk about diversity and disabilities. Moreover, she empowered her dad to explore the subject of inclusion in sport, which led him to become one of the Inclusive Outdoor Adventures trainers with CARA APA.

We were very excited to realise a few months ago that Nina started to repeat some of the Lámh signs. She can now ask for food and drink, as well as point out the birds in the park or tell us when she wants to read books. Her mummy attended the Lámh course at the Down Syndrome Centre last year and it gave our little family the knowledge and confidence to start using the signs. We are also grateful that Nina can attend the Team 21 Tots, where she can watch the amazing and energetic Triona using Lámh signs when singing and playing. It is so wonderful to have a language that we can all share before Nina starts communicating verbally.

Only 4 weeks ago Nina became an older sister and she is still trying to figure out her new role. Needless to say, she is a bit unsure of the whole situation and trying to compete hard for mummy’s attention with her new sister Ella. Fortunately, she also has her daddy who now became Nina’s best buddy, so that mummy can have a well deserved breather.


Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots

Nina joined Team 21 tots in Sandyford in May 2016 with her dad Michael. She was so small then and I remember her dad holding and supporting her during the class. She eventually moved over to our north side group and it felt like every week she was doing something new and getting stronger and stronger. I loved watching Nina observe everything that was taking place, watching the signs every week and listening to all the songs in English. What a huge amount of concentration and focus. She loved the music and after some time started really responding and understanding everything. What a joy to witness her development. She is now a big sister and will have a new and important role to play! I am so proud of you Nina and love having you in my class. I look forward to watching you continue to thrive and grow.

Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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