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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

Place in the Family
Nina is the oldest and has a younger sister Ella (1)
Books, Dancing, Dressing up and anything to do with the clothes, materials and textures!
Avocados, unless they are hidden in a cake or a smoothie
Wild camping, as of this summer!

Testimonial by Dad, Michal Lemanski

It’s been already a three-year journey with Nina. A journey that doesn’t have a goal, an aim or a destination. We live in the present, now. Who knows what the future holds? Our only purpose is to seize the day with all its colours and surprises.

Nina is our greatest teacher who proves that every day is a miracle; a spectacle woven with wonders, laughter, new discoveries and new people. It’s an act with ups and downs, joys and sometimes tears, which cleans our souls from the egotistic and naive belief that everything in this world has to be perfect and ordinary. Nina doesn’t care about all those nonsense things. She enjoys her little life and walks through it with pride and a big smile. She is a gentle, cheeky, sensible, funny, delicate, intelligent, smart little girl, and she is a caring sister and an empathetic daughter. She is obsessed with nature and books. She likes to be outside so she can walk around, tumble and get dirty in the mud for hours. We are thrilled to see her picking up books and wanting to read with us immediately after we come back home from work or before she goes to bed.

Last year brought some major challenges too! We found ourselves very much stuck trying to progress Nina’s speech using different speech and language therapies. They all had some good points and yet they were very much contradictory. We were struggling trying to find the time to determine which one would work best, to follow the exercises in a prescribed way, while at the same time we were also working and taking care of Nina’s little sister. It was totally overwhelming and stressful until we decided to stop, reflect and look at Nina as an individual, a person who has a unique character and needs, and not only a child with Down syndrome that can be ‘fixed’ with one or another method. We took a break from it all and looked at what Nina enjoys the most, what stimulates her and what she enjoys learning the most. It feels so liberating and we can see how she responds better to that individual, Nina-centred approach.

One thing we know for sure is that every thousand mile journey starts with a single step and that we have already taken a few – and the best thing is you can follow us…

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Nina was briefly in SKIP from September to Christmas last year and it was a pleasure having her in class! She’s a very placid, gentle and interested little girl, full of smiles!! She loved circle time,music and really paid attention to everything that was going on in class!! I’m sure she’s thriving and been an amazing big sister!!!

Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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