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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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Testimonial by Mum, Kasia Timofiejew

Nina’s arrival to this world was a huge and unexpected surprise. It took us some time to come to terms with the fact she has Down’s syndrome and to appreciate what a wonderful human being our daughter is. Nina is very happy and easy going baby. She loves eating and tasting everything she finds on her plate. She spends loads of time playing with her daddy’s ropes and other rock climbing gear, and needless to say chewing on the rope is her favourite. She loves spending time outdoors and we make sure to do plenty of walking, hiking and climbing. In a way, it was always going to be her destiny since she was kayaking, hill walking and cycling when in mummy’s belly.

We came across The Down Syndrome Centre for the first time when we attended baby massage course with Bridget. It was great experience, as not only we learned how to massage Nina and help to strengthen her muscles, but we also got to know other wonderful mums and babies. It was the first time we felt like a part of a bigger community and we hope that it’s only the beginning of a wonderful journey initiated by Nina’s birth.

Testimonial by Bridget Grimes, Baby Massage Therapist

Nina attended my baby massage class early in the year with her parents Michael and Kasia. She is an amazing little girl with lots of happy loving smiles. She loves her massage sessions and responded with lots of happy smiles for both her parents. She also enjoyed trying to turn on to her tummy to see what was going on and check out the other little babies during massage.

Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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Nina Timofiejew-Lemanska

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