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Noah Kelly

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Testimonial by Dad, Karl Kelly

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the launch of the 21 Faces campaign. Noah has been very busy in the past year attending Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language sessions. Noah thankfully has enjoyed good health over the past 12 months, this has allowed his development to flourish and he has reached a number of milestones. He has developed well socially, physically and mentally, his personality has really shone through this year and he keeps the family entertained with his great sense of humour. He is very attentive, has a real aptitude for learning and does not like to get his work wrong!! He likes to spend his time learning his nursery rhymes, reading his books, and on his swing. He remains an avid music fan his favourite artists are Andre Rieu, The Imagine Dragons & Kodaline so quite a diverse repertoire. In fact music is his favourite thing to ask for.

The classes and therapy sessions he attends are very beneficial to him and we can see this as he progresses every day. Physically he has become much stronger and over the last few months he has learned to crawl, which was great excitement for the family! We expect it won’t be too long before he will be walking on his own – there will be no stopping him then!

Noah attends classes in the Down Syndrome Centre twice a week which he loves, he shows great interest in all the activities in his classes. He has learned over 30 lamh signs over the past months which makes it easier for him to communicate with us. He is now requesting his favourite things from us through using sign language, which is another great milestone.

Noah’s Grandparents attended a Lamh course in the Down Syndrome Centre and found it to be very useful to help them communicate with him. The Down Syndrome Centre has been and is a wonderful resource for Noah. Noah started SKIP last September which he really enjoys. Dani makes every class fun & always has Noah’s full attention. There’s always great excitement when one of the children reach a new milestone. The centre is such a positive place to attend I’m sure it won’t be long until Noah is running in the doors.

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

Noah started SKIP last September and it’s been an absolute pleasure having him in the class. He’s a very placid, gentle and interested little boy. He participates really well in all the activities we have and loves circle time as he’s a great learner! His speech is improving every week and walking is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to closely watching his development in the years ahead.


Noah Kelly

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