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Noah Kelly

Place in the Family
Only child but expecting a new sister very soon
His Garden Swing, The Wiggles, Mr Tumble, Music
Loud noises
Music and Swimming Lessons

Testimonial by Grandmother, Margaret Carty

My beautiful grandson Noah was born on 14th. October 2014. When Noah was born with Down syndrome it was a shock, but I can honestly say that he has brought nothing but joy to our families. Noah is a gentle little boy with a great sense of humour- although he has developed a bit of a stubborn streak lately! He has an infectious laugh and finds the silly antics of his Grandad Ben particularly funny!

Noah’s favourite things in life haven’t changed much over the last year – he still loves his garden swing, the Wiggles, Mr Tumble and his dog Woody who he finds extremely funny. He still loves music – one of his favourite songs is ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay and he constantly asks for it to be played. He’s gone off Andre Rieu who used to be his favourite! He loves playing hide and seek with his Auntie Lynn and swings from his uncle Rob.

Noah attends main stream pre-school once a week and will be attending full time in September. He also attends four other classes during the week one of which is his SKIP class which is a wonderful resource. Noah’s speech has improved a lot over the last few months – he makes a great effort to repeat words you say to him which is brilliant as this time last year he didn’t have any words. He doesn’t walk independently yet, but we are hopeful that it won’t be long before he does! We are all very proud of this little man and all his achievements so far! Each milestone he reaches is wonderful! Noah will become a big brother next month when his baby sister is born which will be a very exciting time for us all!
Noah is the best little boy and will always be the apple of his Nana’s eye!

Margaret Carty
Noah’s Nana

Testimonial by Dani Dowling, SKIP Coordinator

This was a big year for Noah as he started walking and is going to become a big brother!! Noah’s speech has improved loads and he still loves circle time, he does all the actions for the songs and waits patiently for his turn! He’s getting really good at table top work too!! It’s a privilege to share his journey in SKIP.

Noah Kelly

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Noah Kelly

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Noah Kelly

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