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Noah Kelly

Place in the Family
Only child
His swing in the back garden, Giving cuddles, Bubbles & his dog Woody.
Crowds and very loud places

Testimonial by Mum, Jennie Carty

Noah is a very funny, smart, happy little boy. He always has cuddles and kisses to offer. When Noah was 5 months old he started to experience infantile spasms which is a form of epilepsy. The spasms lasted for 7 months until he responded to the right medication, it was trial and error and a very difficult time. Since then he has come on leaps and bounds, looking at him now it’s hard to believe he’s the same little boy.

Noah attends Team 21 tots in the centre which he really enjoys. He has grown in confidence with the help of Triona who is a wonderful teacher. The centre is a great resource and support & we look forward to using all the services in the years to come.

Testimonial by Triona Cussen, Team 21 Tots Coordinator

Noah is a beautiful little boy. He is a great observer in the class watching everything I do. I am lucky to get a big shy smile from him every time I see him. He recognises all his friends and is very happy to be in the class. I have witnessed Noah becoming more comfortable and confident in the class and among his pals. I am so delighted he is part of our class.


Noah Kelly

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Noah Kelly

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Noah Kelly

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