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Noah Staunton

Place in the Family
Second youngest of 5. Two older sisters, Tania (13), Kacey (11) One older brother, Dylan (5) & one younger brother, Ryan (2)
Paw Patrol & Peppa Pig. Trolls the movie. Singing & Dancing. Loves running, always wants to race you when out walking. Playing with his brothers & sisters. Bread & butter and chocolate buttons!!
Dry foods, biscuits, Cold foods. And getting told off!
Swimming, Taking all of the cushions off the couch and diving into them!

Testimonial by Dad, Karl Staunton

This year Noah has started play school in St. Marks youth club for 2 days a week and the difference it has made to him has been amazing. He is starting to speak more. He is saying more words and is speaking 4-5 word sentences when he wants, which is awesome! He loves school both SKIP & play school. He gets excited when getting ready for school. Loves playing with his friends. Noah is a little bit mischievous and cheeky in a playful way. At the moment Noah is potty training and we are getting there slowly. A few mistakes, but he’ll get there.

Noah attends SKIP every Wednesday with the fabulous Ed! She is so passionate about the class and the children that attend. Noah loves all the songs and the music. He has become very attached to all the children that attend. Their sensory room is also a huge advantage for the children with everything to chill a child out after a fun packed class.

He is also known as Houdini as he can get out of high-chairs and car seats without any help what so ever. This is fantastic fun for him but not so much fun for us driving. If it shows anything, he is a determined little boy who we are grateful to have.

We are truly a better family since we have had him…he teaches us all so much each day and we are better people because of it and definitely more patient.


Testimonial by Ed Deegan, SKIP Therapist

Noah has been a continued source of joy and bursting with fun and energy in SKIP. He loves tea parties with his friends and is always eager to get cooking in the kitchen during free play time. Noah is always animated during circle time and loves to do the actions for all the songs. Noah embraces each activity with interest and I think this will continue throughout his life.

Noah Staunton

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Noah Staunton

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Noah Staunton

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